About OPA


OPA Association for Promotion of Visual Culture was established on the initiative of art teachers, meeting the needs of all professionals who deal with education in the visual arts and visual communication as well as those whose professional activity is reflected competence in this field.

One of the main goals OPA is networking of institutions and individuals involved in visual culture. Through its activities OPA wants to draw attention to the importance of visual competence in contemporary (Croatian) society and emphasize the need to create a unified policy of visual culture.

OPA is active through the organization of educational workshops, competitions, exhibitions, public events, symposiums and forums and other forms of promoting the importance of education for visual content.

Since 2009, OPA has made a series of projects in cooperation with vocational and educational institutions (Croatian Designers Association (HDD), Croatian Association od Visual Artsist (HDLU), Association of Architects Zagreb (DAZ), Croatian Chamber of Architects (HKA), Academy of Fine Arts (ALU Zagreb), Faculty for teaching training (UF Zagreb) and others) and prominent individuals in the field of design, architecture, fine arts and art education.


Projekt POGLE’Dizajn / workshops, exhibition, public action (collaboration with HDD, HDLU, ALU Zagreb)


Public debate Visually literate society.

Project DA TI NACRTAM?! (Shall I draw it for you?!) / workshops, exhibition, public action (collaboration with  HDD, DAZ)

Project Učimo kroz umjetnost / učimo umjetnost (Learn through art/learn art) / contemporary art workshops (collaboration with HDLU)


Project Umjetnost u kontekstu (Art in context) /  art workshops (collaboration with Culture centers Trešnjavka and Dubrava).

2010. – 2015.

Mala škola arhitekture: Prostor i ja (Little school of architecture: Me.and.space) / architecture workshops, exhibition (collaboration with HKA, DAZ, MSU, Lauba)

2010. – 2014.

Competition for the best school projects based in art

Project OPAli  / workshops, competition, exhibitions, website


Public discussion on Dan D (D Day)


The strategy of development of creativity in primary and secondary education

Public discussion on Dan D (D Day)

Symposium for art teachers Art, architecture and design in contemporary teaching 


Public discussion Creativity as the driving force of society, Univesity of Zagreb

Design week, KIKI

Public discussion New vision of art education, Dan D (D Day) 2015