Let me draw it for you?!

From 19th to 21st March 2010 there was an action which was held under the name LET ME DRAW IT FOR YOU?!

The campaign was jointly organized by the Association for the promotion of visual culture OPA, Society of Architects Zagreb, Croatian Chamber of Architects and The Croatian Association of Designers.


Within the above mentioned campaign a public hearing was held and five architectural workshops for children led by architects, teachers of arts and classroom instruction.


On the Ban Jelačić Square, a workshop “The peak” was held and it was intended for the passers by. The task was to remember how our urban environment hidden behind large billboards actually looks like. Meanwhile, on the balcony of DAZ, a large banner – LET ME DRAW IT FOR YOU?! – was highlighted, as a thinking stimulus to passers in an effort to continually work on raising public awareness about the importance of education in this area.

This transparent is a result of workshop which was led by Dejan Dragosavac Ruta, together with students of design (Antonio Karača, Luka Reicher).