Little School of Architecture

Space.and.I – Liitle School of Architecturea perennial educational project for promotion architecture and urban planning among children and young people. Workshops are jointly implemented by art teachers, architects and students of the Faculty of Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Teacher Education. So far they have held more than 80 workshops with more than 1,000 students.

prostorni crtez prijeposlije

Since the beginning project has included elementary school from Zagreb. Activities took place in Association of Architects Zagreb, six elementary schools, on the streets of Zagreb, in the House for People and Art Lauba, in Museum of Contemporary Art, (organized as part of the current exhibition Josip Vaništa) and in many other areas.

Cooperation of art teachers and architects is a result of recognizing the need to educate young people about architecture and urban planning from the earliest age. The activities in the field of architecture and urban planning are not adequately represented in the general education and young people do not develop core competencies that will enable them quality of life in the immediate living environment and, more importantly, competence to design and environment. In the wider social context consequences are visible in a negative relation to the urban and architectural heritage, pollution, urban space, poor urban planning, lack of understanding of needs of local communities etc.

Through play and practice kids find answers to the questions: how man’s needs determine the appearance of space in which he/she resides and vice versa, what is the connection between form, material and function in architecture, which are building materials and what their structural features, the role of light in the design space, what is the urban space and how we use it, what is our role in the preservation of cultural heritage and so on. Some of the content is focused on the immediate surroundings in which students live; city, neighborhood, school. We want to inspire young people to have an active attitude towards the urban environment, cultural and architectural heritage and consciously participate in its preservation.

One of the goals of Little School of Architecture is to include as many students in this project and achieve good cooperation between architects, educators and schools. The intention is that this kind of work with children creates prerequisites for quality education. Workshops serve as pilot projects for possible activities in the teaching of art / visual culture in schools.

The project is jointly implemented by OPA Association for the Promotion of Visual Culture, program Architecture and Children of the Croatian Chamber of Architects, Zagreb Society of Architects  and NoThing productions.

Launched by Gordana Košćec, Davorka Peric, Aneta Mudronja Pletenac and Mia Roth-Čerina after action “Let me draw it for you?!” held in the spring of 2010, and joined by Jelena Peric Bulaja, Ida Loher and Jelena Bračun Filipovic.

So far, in the development and implementation of the project have participated Archisquad, Luka Korlaet, David Kabalin, Neda Cilinger, sekcija Djeca i arhitektura Istarskog društva arhitekata i Pulska grupa, Ida Loher, Jurana Linarić, Dubravka Kosier Čakarun, Ksenija Bajić, Milena Medvešek, Sanja Canjek Androić, Anita Sminderovac, Martina Stjepandić, Tamara Vidović, Ivan Zloušić, Ena Tadej, Nikolina Punjek, Petra Biskup, Monika Milić, Tina Rukavina, Nina Anić, Tasnim Zin, Vlatka Žunec, Ida Lisičak, Andrej Vuk i Tihana Cizelj, a kroz radionice je prošlo tristotinjak djece okupljenih bilo javnim pozivom ili organiziranim sudjelovanjem zagrebačkih osnovnih škola Šestine, J. J. Strossmayera, A. Cesarca, Petra Zrinskog, Pavleka Miškine, Tina Ujevića, SUVAG i Trnsko.

The project results were presented at two exhibitions:

2013. in Museum of Contemporary Art 

2015. in Gallery Oris

Description of workshops held in Association of Architect Zagreb from 2010 to 2012  is here.